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Latest News


We did an interview with artist Hana Zhang(@pardonbanane)
to talk about the work and using fiction to engage her personal conflict of female body-images. 

In the midst of expanding the Pet Paradise project, Hana stated this quote that slices through the core of her practice: 

“When the innocence collides with the cruelty within the world, it creates a powerful way as expression. Every person has an innocent part inside his or her heart, and I want to draw the idea of innocence to confront the cruel and ruthless criticism coming from our society.“

Pet Paradise is on view till 08/08/20, visit us and see the work in person!

#fluffflufftalk #slowburncollective


Fluff Fluff is excited to present 

Hana Zhang's exhibition "Pet Paradise",
from July 3rd to August 1st. 

This is Fluff Fluff’s first exhibition, now on view by appointment from 12-7 pm, Monday to Saturday.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Check out the link down below for more info:

Exhibition info

Artist website

click here to make an appointment


We did a studio visit this week with artist
Avijit Halder(@avijithalder). 

Here’s a video sharing his insight on the presentation of identity and artist of color in making work.

“It just can’t be the fucking......
like the temptation of the familiar.“

We’re also excited to open our first critique session for signing up! More info click here.