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Pet Paradise

on view by appointment at

Flufffluff showroom

926 Broadway, #2C, Brooklyn.NY

Hana Zhang

Pet Paradise (2018-2020) is about an imaginary hospital where seven animal figures gather to conduct plastic surgeries. Zhang creates a miniature of the hospital showing the detailed structure and how things function in this hospital.

On top of the hospital are a balloon, a piece of a sky, and a necklace made of bones, charcoal beads, and diamonds. Down below the miniature are candies with shiny black wraps and the other balloon that is tied with the one in the air.

The metaphor of the necklace comes from a French short story called The Necklace By Gye de Maupassant. It was about how a woman spent all her life paying off the debt for a lost necklace which at last turned out to be fake.

To see the full introduction of Pet Paradise,
check out the link down below.

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